About us

About us

Connected world vision

Devisioner Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest intermodal container manufacturers and importers of agricultural tractors, loaders and others equipment and machinery.

The solid foundations allowed us to enter foreign markets with courage. Today we compete with international players in quality and scope of assortment offer.

Deivisioner's mission is to create and deliver the best solutions supporting intermodal transport and agriculture. We base our actions on four basic values: people, initiative, quality and safety.

We are aware that people are the most important capital and asset for companies. We treat each of our employees as an important link in building the company's value, and we treat their work with due respect. It is equally important for us to actively seek solutions. By introducing modern methods we gain independence, thanks to which we are looking for new opportunities for development. We introduce the best solutions in all departments of the company. We want to be a model in applying the most effective practices from organizational and technological standpoint. By shaping our offer, the work environment and production processes, we also care about the safety of our customers and employees.

We want to be the best in our industry and constantly increase our share products in the market. We try to be wherever we can reach our clients.

We have been developing our own technological thought for years. We care about production optimization and introducing technological novelties.

QI medal 2016